I've been wondering when you'd show.

If I could encapsulate who I am and what I do in a couple paragraphs, I likely wouldn’t have spent a small fortune breathing this site into existence.

Poke around here long enough and you’ll pretty quickly gather that I’m as scattered as birdshot fired into the heart of a tornado.

For much of my life, I’ve felt terribly guilty for this reality about myself but, as I’m quickly approaching 30-years-of-age, I’m realizing it's all part of the process.

Creative endeavors aren’t unlike a pair of Levi’s. You’ve got to slip them on and walk around in them for a bit before you know for sure whether or not they’re the right fit. I've put a lot of jeans back on the rack.

All that to say, who I am and what I do is ever-changing. But, if I were forced to describe myself and my work today, I would say I am a multi-hyphenate writer penning words in genres ranging from poetry, short fiction, memoir and spoken word.

In addition to my own writing endeavors—which include three collections of poetry, an open-ended spoken word project and a semi-daily newsletter that unpacks the processes of humanity’s most extraordinary creatives—I run a podcast called Dreamland and a one-man advertising agency called Honey Copy.

I don’t know how you found me, but please make yourself at home. Judging strictly by the quantity of work on here (I can't speak to the quality), I’m certain there is something that will catch your eye.