Reality is make-believe.

Written by Cole Schafer

With time, you realize stories are the only truth and reality is make-believe. You realize you can tell yourself any story you want and it will be true.

You can tell yourself the story that you should be further along than you are, that your best years are behind you, that you can't outrun your past, that you don't have what it takes, that you're undeserving, that you're a fuck-up, that you're broken, that no matter how hard you try nothing seems to work.

Or, you can tell yourself the story that you are exactly where you need to be even if it's not immediately clear, that the best is yet to come, that your past is a memory but no longer a reality, that you're more powerful than you think you are, that you deserve good things to happen to you, that you're learning from your mistakes, that you're imperfect but far from broken, that you're finding joy in the process and letting go of the outcome.

If either story will be true, which story do you choose?