The cost of desire.

Written by Cole Schafer

Happiness is a mental and emotional state where absolutely nothing is missing. However, because we are humans with desires, it's nearly impossible to be completely happy all of the time.

Desires come with the cost of happiness. When we desire something, we're postponing a portion of our happiness until we have what we desire.

It's this idea of, "I will be happy when..."

The answer, of course, isn't to forfeit desires. We can't. Nor should we. There is a degree of confidence, joy and achievement we experience when will a desire into existence.

But, we have to be extraordinarily careful not to desire too much at once. We desire too many things at one time and we stop feeling happy, content and at home in our own lives.

We should have but one desire at a time and we should pursue it with the tenacity of a starving dog. Everywhere else, we should look through the lenses of gratitude and see that nothing is missing.