That time infamous singer-songwriter Kris Kristofferson landed a stolen helicopter on Johnny Cash's lawn to sell him a song.

Written by Cole Schafer




 Kris Kristofferson –– try saying that 3x, fast –– flew helicopters for the National Guard to pay the bills as he attempted to make it as a singer-songwriter.

In addition to his work with the National Guard, he also worked as a janitor at Columbia Records, where Johnny Cash was signed.

From time to time, he’d run into Cash in the hallways and he’d slip him cassettes of his music (which Cash later said he’d chuck in the lake on his property).

Desperate to get his attention, one day during his shift with the National Guard, Kristofferson decided to fly a helicopter and land it on Johnny Cash’s property in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

While reckless as hell and certainly means to get him shot…

It worked.

Later that year, Johnny Cash invited Kristofferson on stage at a music festival he was performing at and he would eventually go on to cut one of his songs, “Sunday Morning Coming Down”, which would become a #1 hit.

If your dreams are lofty, fly to them.

But, I digress.

By Cole Schafer.

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