Two succinct pieces of writing advice from Charles Bukowski

Written by Cole Schafer

If you read enough Charles Bukowski, you’ll eventually come across a line or two where he passes along some writing wisdom to the reader.

Generally, this is more philosophical than tactical (like this gorgeous rant). But, every once in a great while, he’ll get granular.

In one of Bukowski’s poetry collections I’ve been working through recently, he shed light on his approach to writing.

“I don’t like most poetry, for example, so I write mine the way I like to read it…. I always figure if a writer is bored with his own work the reader is going to be too.”

In short, if you’re going to write…

  1. Write the kind of writing you like to read.
  2. Don’t be so naive to think that if you’re bored writing something, that your “skill” will miraculously save the reader from his boredom.

But, I digress.

By Cole Schafer.

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